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Automotive Industry

We specialise in delivering customised legal technology tools and providing strategic legal advice and negotiation support to OEMs and suppliers at various tier levels in the international automotive industry.

Our technology suite and legal expertise in the automotive industry fall into three core categories : (i) supply chain management and commercial relationships; (ii) the procurement and supply of automotive technologies; and (iii) various reorganisation and restructuring projects.

Supply chain and commercial relationships

We draft, update and maintain standard terms of business and provide advanced legal technology tools for automating the issue of standard terms to customers and vendors.

We support the negotiation of new commercial relationships with supply chain partners and we deploy automated contract review technologies to aid the rapid, accurate and low-cost review of commercial agreements with as much or as little input from us or your in-house legal team as you choose.

Finally, we advise on the resolution of supply chain disputes with your supplier or customer business partners.

Automotive technology

We advise on the procurement and supply of multiple automotive technologies, including software-only or software-plus-hardware offerings, leaning on our considerable experience in the software development and information technology sectors.

Reorganisation and restructuring projects

Bringing to bear our top-tier corporate and commercial legal expertise, we oversee internal reorganisation and restructuring projects, working hand-in-glove with our clients’ internal and external financial and consultancy teams.

“Dan has a proven track record of providing flexible and timely support to in-house legal teams on both ongoing operational issues as well as special projects. He has demonstrated expertise in the automotive industry and significant experience across borders and business functions.”

Janis N. AcostaExecutive VP & General Counsel

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