Custom-built automated
workflows with BRYTER

What are BRYTER workflows?

Workflows are web-based applications that enable your business personnel to complete important legal and compliance tasks themselves, with no input from your legal team.

BRYTER is the leading platform for building web-based applications and workflows in the legal sector.

Clearlake will custom-build workflows for your business on the BRYTER platform and make them available across your organisation 24/7.

What can I do with BRYTER workflows?

All of your organisation’s repeat tasks are potential candidates for workflow automation. BRYTER also integrates with widely-used products, including SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, DocuSign, Salesforce and many more, so there is no limit to the power of the workflows that can be developed for your team.

Corporate compliance advisor

An interactive dialogue tool to aid employees to determine compliant behaviour and to navigate your organisation’s policies on gifts and hospitality or claiming expenses.

Vendor due diligence assistant

A tool that guides a procurement team member through a comprehensive assessment of a new supplier to your business using your organisation’s standard policies and taking into account any relevant regulatory requirements.

Custom FAQs solution

Make responses to all manner of typical legal questions from your business stakeholders available via a webapp with no input required from your legal function.

Advanced document automation

Automated self-serve drafting solutions for business stakeholders even for the most advanced or complex documents, such as multi-partite or multi-stage agreements.

Watch the video

A promotional video from BRYTER showing an overview of what BRYTER can do and how the platform can be leveraged in practice.