Clearlake Law Legal Technology Contract Automation
Clearlake Law Legal Technology Contract Automation

Complete control of your
contracting process

Fully automated contracting

Clearlake’s proprietary contracting platform fully automates your organisation’s contracting process, end-to-end, from your own customised portal.

What does the Clearlake platform do?

“Self-serve” for your standard terms

Empower your stakeholders to self-serve for your own standard documents, issuing perfectly crafted versions of exactly the right document to your counterparties with as little lawyer involvement as you like.

Fully customised approval workflows

Automate your internal approval workflows, end-to-end, pushing documents from one internal user to the next, so nobody is missed out and you can always track who the document is with.

Automate counterparty interactions

Fully automate your interactions with your contracting counterparties, from initial negotiations all the way through to e-signature collection.

Track all contract comments

Keep a clear and full view of all comments from your own team and your counterparties, throughout each contracting process, all easily accessible in your matter dashboard.

Complete control over documents

All your draft and signed documents are automatically saved to the specific folder in the document management system of your choice.

Show me how…

A brief overview of our end-to-end contracting platform. To learn more, arrange a demo below.