Fully supported access to
Luminance Corporate

Speed, accuracy and cost control

Gain access to what we believe is the leading automation tool for drafting, negotiating and storing your organisation’s contracts at a fraction of the standard entry level pricing.

Core Features

An end-to-end contracting platform like no other, implemented and overseen by Clearlake and fully supported by Luminance.

Master your contracting landscape

Tailored dashboard showing critical elements of your entire body of contracts such as expiry or renewal dates. Drill down to any clause in any contract with just a few clicks.

Let business teams self-serve

Business stakeholders can create dynamically updated agreements from pre-approved templates using only an online questionnaire with no input from your legal team.

AI-assisted reviews of contracts

Working directly in your own Microsoft Word screen, Luminance will highlight clauses that require further review or spot missing wording in contracts received from third parties.

Negotiation dashboard and repository

An intuitive onscreen tracker for all documents currently under negotiation in your organisation and a smart document storage repository that learns from the content of your signed agreements.

Simple approval workflows

Automatically push contracts through a customised internal approval sequence during the negotiation phase with no follow-up or chasing required by the in-house legal team.

Email alerts for contract deadlines

Automated email prompts delivered directly to the correct procurement or customer-facing teams for any expiry or renewal periods across your entire body of contracts.

Watch the video

A quick overview of the extensive core features of Luminance Corporate, the premium end-to-end contracting platform for organisations of all sizes.