Legal tech regulatory notice

Technologies provided by the Clearlake group

Clearlake Technology Limited (CTL), the provider of the Clearlake’s legal technologies, is not authorised or regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA). CTL is, however, an affiliate of Clearlake Law LLP, which is authorised and regulated by the SRA.

CTL is not required to have professional indemnity insurance that meets the minimum terms and conditions for firms authorised and regulated by the SRA, which terms include a requirement to carry insurance to cover up to a minimum of £3 million per claim. CTL’s technology services are, however, covered by a market-standard technology errors professional indemnity insurance, underwritten by a specialist insurer, further details of which are available on request.

Any technologies provided by CTL are not protected by legal professional privilege.

CTL customers shall not be entitled to make a claim on the SRA Compensation Fund in connection with any technology services provided. The SRA Compensation Fund is a fund established by the SRA to compensate individuals and small businesses (with turnovers lower than £2 million per annum) in circumstances where money has been stolen or not been accounted for by a person or firm authorised and regulated by the SRA or where a person or firm authorised and regulated by the SRA caused loss and did not have suitable insurance in place.

The complaints procedure for CTL is the same as the complaints procedure for Clearlake Law LLP and can be found here: CTL customers may be entitled to make a complaint to the Legal Ombudsman – further details are contained in the complaints policy referenced above.

Where CTL customers have been introduced to CTL by Clearlake Law LLP or any of its agents or contractors, Clearlake Law LLP or such agent or contractor may have benefitted from a referral commission on the fees to be paid to CTL.

Where additional legal services are provided directly by Clearlake Law LLP, which are related or incidental to CTL technologies, such services shall be provided under a separate engagement between the client and Clearlake Law LLP, which engagement shall be subject to the usual rules applicable to firms authorised and regulated by the SRA.