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Before the Information Commissioner comes knocking…

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has put all website operators on notice that it is looking to enforce cookie laws across the UK.

An astounding 53% of the top 100 website operators have been reviewed and found wanting already.

Getting the basics wrong can be a significant reputational issue, and the ICO has the power to levy crippling fines.

If you own or operate a website, you must ensure that users have been presented with appropriate information and have provided the correct consents – unless (and to the extent that) your website falls within the prescribed exemptions.

In our comprehensive white paper, “Website cookies – time for spring clean?“, we investigate the complex legal regime governing the deployment of cookies, providing you with a detailed guide to what is required for compliance, including detail on what the exemptions are, and what constitutes the required level of information and a valid consent.

We also flag areas to watch going forward, and steps that have started to be taken to avoid the cookie issue altogether.

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